Are you considering creating or renewing your image? Do you want to project your enterprise on to different publics?
Are you aiming at organizing the messages about your company and are you convinced that everything has to be aligned with corporative goals? Then, you need a strategic positioning plan. At Cuatro consultancy we are qualified to design and to execute strategic positioning and communication plans for companies and institutions.


As specialists in communication, we can generate business, publicity, educational, promotional, tourism, journalistic, audiovisual, graphic and multimedia texts. Beginning with a complete information survey, we determine the discourse tone for each message and create contents which are adapted to the communicational needs of each client.


We have long-standing expertise in developing press actions and public relations. We possess a valuable data base with local, national and international journalists and media, with whom we keep close and fluid contact. All this allows us to translate news from our clients into media contents of widespread circulation. By organizing events (at a small, medium or large scale), we broaden the relation networks and multiply the messages of those organizations that trust in CUATRO consultancy.


A sommelier and two communicators specialized in the wine industry form an ideal team to carry out projects in the wine sector. This includes positioning plans for wineries and other companies in the sector, producing contents (notes on wine tasting, back-labels, web messages, brochures, media reports, etc.); wine service; wine tasting and training in the wine sector; organizing events and programs in wine tourism.

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